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Topically applied transdermal medications specifically tailored according to your treatment plan.

The benefits of offering topical compounds in your office:

We specialize in providing customized transdermal pain medication formulated to fit the needs of the prescribing physician. Our Compounding Pharmacists have made great advances in their ability to formulate a wide variety of medications into cream and gel bases that actively transport the medication through the skin directly to the site of action. Local topical delivery minimizes the potential for systemic side effects.

  • Reduce amount of oral medications used to treat pain
  • Increase recovery from surgical wounds
  • Reduce size and appearance of scars
  • Our topical creams increase the effect of anti-inflammatories and pain medications taken orally
  • All topical creams are delivered for free to the patients doorstep
  • We are able to fill prescriptions in all 50 states
  • All creams are customizable to providers preference

A United Medical Partners consultant will assist you on multiple options for your practice.

  • Our highly trained consultants will present different options for your staff
  • Our consultants will explain reimbursement and payment options for your patients
  • Our consultants are seasoned in medical business and several have experience as medical professionals. Education is paramount in choosing the right compound for your patient. We are there with you every step of the way
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