Genetic Testing Sales Rep Positions


United Medical Partners is now hiring professionals in our pharmaceutical sales department.

This is a unique opportunity for medical sales professionals to be involved in the next major movement of diagnostic testing: pharmacogenomics and cancer marker testing.

Genetic Testing Sales Rep Position Medical & Pharmaceutical Sales

The next evolutionary step of diagnostic testing is pharmacogenomics and cancer marker testing.

United Medical Partners is proud to partner with visionary laboratories that understand the importance of these tests.

Pharmacogenomic testing allows a provider to tailor his or her medication regimen according to the patient’s ability to metabolize medications. A once per lifetime test that will change a patient’s medication regimen according to their own individual DNA and ability to metabolize medications.

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  • Competitive outside sales experience a PLUS
  • Pharmaceutical or healthcare-related sales experience is helpful, but not required, as we will train you
  • Two or Four-year college degree
  • Ability to learn/understand medical terminology
  • Ability to work as an independent 1099 representative
  • Ability to develop new business and expand relationships with existing customers
  • Quality written and oral communication skills


Pharmacogenomic testing is a relatively new diagnostic option for providers. Many practitioners and patients aren’t familiar with the enzymes and DNA reports and what they mean. That’s what we are here for. We will train you and your provider how to read reports and what the tests are able to convey. In addition, cancer markers are being tested through one of our clinical laboratories. This exciting endeavor gives us the ability to test for breast, prostate, and bladder cancer markers. Our labs have pathologists on call that can assist the rep and the provider understanding the results for each patient.


The pharmacogenomic and cancer marker tests are a simple cheek swab. It’s a once per lifetime test that is easy for a provider’s staff to collect. The reimbursement for these tests can be upwards of $2000 per test. As with our other product lines we work strictly on a generous commission basis. Our commission structures are the highest in the country with no hidden fees upon payment. As a 1099 independent contractor you will have the unique opportunity to be your own boss, make your own hours, schedule your own vacations, and make as much money as YOU want. Contact us TODAY to find out how to achieve your dreams.

How Do I Get Started?

As with our other product lines we invite anyone who has existing business in these product categories, individuals who have relationships with a medical provider, or call centers to contact us immediately.

Why wait? Don’t leave money on the table. Please contact us and let’s get the ball rolling.

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