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The advancement of genetic research has led to far greater understanding of the importance of genetics in disease and a demand for pharmacogenetic testing companies. Personalized medicine uses genetic information, lifestyle behavior, and other risk factors to tailor medical decisions and treatments to individual patients. Thus, a pharmacogenetics testing lab provides knowledge that helps physicians prescribe a drug regimen with a greater probability of a positive outcome.

Implementing pharmacogenetics into your practice

  • Eliminates need for trial and error medicine
  • Gives information unobtainable through any other means to tailor patient’s medication regimen.
  • Breaks down how patients metabolize specific drugs
  • Cuts down on adverse effects from polypharmacy
  • Simple cheek swab, which is easy to collect

A United Medical Partners consultant will be your personal genetics expert

  • Train providers and staff in reading and understanding pharmacogenetic reports
  • Assist in tailoring a personalized treatment regimen for patients based on pharmacogenetic and toxicology results
  • Help recognize risks in polypharmacy based on lab findings

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